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Back on Track Transition Programme > GREat Skills

GREat Skills is a programme of workshops from the University of Greenwich that are designed to develop academic skills and help students prepare for the transition to university. 

The academic skills workshops cover:

  • Choosing a question
  • Selecting and evaluating sources
  • Referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Presenting your work
  • Reflecting on your project

A pre-recorded webinar is available for each session. A PDF version can also be downloaded along with the accompanying resources.

These sessions are suitable for students in Years 12-13. Students will require access to the internet to complete this course. Students are encouraged to register their personal details before accessing the online resources. This is not mandatory however and students may still access the resources without entering their data.

If you are using the resources with a group of students and do not have access to the individual online registration, please download and complete the Event Register, which is provided below.

Event Register

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