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Partner Schools' Area

This area contains more information for KMPF partner schools and colleges. We have a Progression Mentor (KMPF) or Key Contact (KaMCOP) in each partner school or college - find yours by entering your school/college name in the box on the right.

Find your Progression Mentor:

    In this section

    Welcome to the Partner Schools’ Area. In this section you will find information, tools and resources to support Progression Mentors and their colleagues in KMPF schools and colleges. This includes sample presentations, planning guides, calendars, and copies of our Schools' Packs.

    To find out if your school or college is able to access KMPF or KaMCOP activities, please use the Progression Mentor search above. You can find more information about KMPF and KaMCOP in the handy information sheets below:

    KMPF Partner School - eligible for KMPF activities

    KMPF Partner School - eligible for KaMCOP activities

    KMPF Partner School - eligible for KMPF and KaMCOP activities

    • 70% Over 70% of the young people who participated in KMPF activities had no prior experience of university in their family

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