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Welcome to the new academic year!

A welcome message from KMPF's Director Dr Felicity Dunworth

Dear friends and colleagues,

 Our Federation, which brings together schools, colleges, universities and local authorities, came together in order to serve young people who are experiencing disadvantage for a range of reasons, and we remain focussed upon ensuring that we offer, through our partner schools and colleges, the right support for young people at the right time.  The National Collaborative Outreach Programme, which is funded through the new national Office for Students, has allowed us to develop more support in some areas of Kent and Medway and our core KMPF offer continues to grow in response to what our school and colleague colleagues tell us is needed. 

 As always, your core teams are indebted to all of you for your help and support, especially in collecting and organising information, feeding back your honest appraisals of activities and events to one another and to the core teams (this is what helps us to improve our work) and ensuring that news of what we have to offer reaches your own colleagues.  Our Federation exists because its members believe that working together in concert allows us to focus upon the young people whom we serve and we look forward to working with you this coming academic year to sustain our work together and to develop new opportunities.  Welcome to the new academic year.

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