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University of Greenwich Humanities and Social Sciences Lecture Series 2018/19

Humanities and Social Sciences Lecture Series 2018/19

Students currently studying at Level 3 are welcomed to attend a series of lectures at the University of Greenwich The lectures are aimed to complement their studies and/or to provide an insight in to studying these disciplines at degree level.

Both students and their teachers are welcome. Students are permitted to attend independently.

All sessions will take place on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.30 to 5.30 at the Greenwich Campus on the first floor of Queen Anne Court. Queen Anne Court is the first building on the right if coming through the East Gate, and the last building on the left if entering through the West Gate. Travel information and a campus map are available here.

All sessions are free, but places are limited, so please confirm your attendance by emailing esu@gre.ac.uk.

History: A brief history of the Civil Wars in 5 Objects - 13 June 2018

In studying the Civil Wars, historians have tended to focus on the documentary record, from State Papers and Parliamentary speeches, to the records of the Putney debates and the newsbooks which began to circulate in even greater number. But this is a history that can also be related through objects, objects that can throw a different light on attitudes and ideas of the period. In this session, I will explore how material culture can be used by historians to ask different questions about a historical event we think we know very well through written sources.

Lecturer: Dr Sara Pennell

Geography of the night: space, place and power after dark - 19 September 2018

This talk explores the geography of the night. Inspired by our Twilight slot, and as a window onto Human Geography at degree level, we look at some of the ways in which the rhythms of darkness and light, night and day, are connected through energy supplies to questions of power and geopolitics at national and global levels, but also in our own lives.

Lecturers: Dr Tim Acott and Dr Vanessa Taylor

A Politics and International Relations lecture and an Economics lecture are expected to be added to the series. Dates and session details for these disciplines will be confirmed and circulated, though it is expected that one will take place in November 2018 and the other in January 2019.

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