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KCC releases updated Visions and Priorities 2017-20

Kent County Council's Education and Young People's Services have relased an update to their strategy: /404Vision and Priorities for Improvement, which now covers 2017 - 2020

This strategy document sets out what Kent County Council have achieved to date and the priorities going forward in improving Education and Early Help Services in Kent.

Patrick Leeson, Corporate Director of Education and Young People’s Services comments on the release and the challenges faced by Kent schools:

"There has been much progress and improvement in education quality and outcomes in Kent but challenges remain.

  • 9% of Primary schools and 14% of Secondary schools in Kent are still not good schools
  • Gaps in achievement are still too wide
  • Too many young people either do not engage or are not achieving qualifications to a good enough standard at post 16.

"The economic and social cost of educational failure and too many young people with low level or no qualifications is immense. Gaps in our educational provision, and provision that is less than good, can damage the life chances of children and young people.

"We see it as our job to ensure the right educational provision of high quality is there for all children and young people, including appropriate pathways to ensure all young people can gain good qualifications and succeed to age 18 and beyond. It is our role to build and support effective partnerships and networks that are more effective in delivering better services and improved outcomes. We also see our role as championing more innovative and creative practice and ways of working.

"Many aspects of education in Kent continue to improve, including more good and outstanding schools (currently 91%) and better standards of achievement at the end of Primary education and at GCSE. The system as a whole has moved on significantly but some groups of children and young people are still being left behind, and these are our biggest challenges."

You can read Patrick's full statement here.

You can also find more resources and other relevant strategy documents in our Resources section.

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