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Guest editorial: It's never too late to learn

Have you ever thought of taking a new or higher level qualification to advance your career, or simply to enhance your knowledge and skills? KMPF's External Projects Manager, /404Vanessa Chapman shares her experience and some of the opportunities available from our partners.

It could be many years since you last took a formal qualification and maybe you’re not sure if you would be able to go back to that now; you could lack confidence about studying at a higher level; you may be worried about the cost; or perhaps you just don’t see how you would have the time. However, if you are keen and motivated it is definitely worth exploring the options as the barriers may not be as great as you imagine. Research different providers to see what they have to offer, and speak to your employer as they may be able to support you in some way.

I left school at 16 with just a handful of 'O’ levels and never thought I would be able to take any qualifications higher than that, and for many years I didn’t. Three years ago however, at the age of 44, I achieved a Master’s in Education at Canterbury Christ Church University. I had the option of studying for the qualification over three years, or one year – always up for a challenge, I opted for one year. It was definitely an intense year with a lot of hard work, to fit in around my job and family life, but I really enjoyed it and was thrilled when I completed it. This year I’ve gone back to studying again and am doing a two year further education teacher training course at Canterbury College.

If you’d like to study locally, KMPF partner universities offer a range of CPD options from workshops and short courses to full higher level qualifications. Here are a few examples:

Canterbury Christ Church University

MBA in Education Leadership and Management – This programme can be studied over one, or two and a half years, and is designed for experienced managers and professionals working in education. The programme provides educational practitioners with an opportunity to develop their business and management skills, as well as enhance their professional practice.

University Certificate In Understanding Careers Education and Guidance – This is a Level 6 course studied part-time over four months. It is designed for those who are new to a careers role. It will enable participants to gain a clear understanding of what is required to provide careers education and guidance, as well as having the opportunity to explore the careers education and guidance provision in your own organisation.

University for the Creative Arts

MA in Creative Arts Education: This is a two year part-time course designed for those who wish to return to the study of education with an interest in the creative arts. There will be the opportunity to revisit topics covered previously or to address new issues that have emerged as a result of changes in the creative arts education landscape, whether social, historical or political. 

Concept Art for Animation: This is a one-day workshop for teachers on 11 July. Concept artists produce the illustrations that help production designers realise their vision for films, television and computer games.  In this workshop, you'll get to think like a concept artist and be introduced to ideation techniques for the design and realisation of extraordinary worlds and their imaginary components.

University of Kent

Master’s in Professional Practice (Teaching and Learning) – This is a flexible part-time three year programme developed for professionals who want the opportunity to validate the professional knowledge, experience and skills they have amassed during their careers and use this to progress their postgraduate study. The MSc in Professional Practice commences on 19 October 2018.

Postgraduate Programmes in Developmental Disabilities and Autism - The Tizard Centre at the University of Kent is one of the leading UK academic groups working in learning disability, autism and community care. Members of the Centre are selected both for their academic record and for their practical experience in services. The Centre provides short courses, degree and diploma programmes at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus.

These are just a few examples of the range of CPD courses available at partner universities and staff are always available to discuss options with you, so what are you waiting for?

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