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Canterbury Youth Parliament 2018

Canterbury Christ Church University held its hugely successful and annual Canterbury Youth Parliament on Friday 11 May 2018. The event attracted a record number of students from KMPF schools and Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield spoke to students, took their questions and listened to their views on a range of subjects.

The aim of this annual event is to raise confidence in public speaking for students within partner schools and to encourage youth participation within current affairs. It was a great success and made all the more special by seeing the students interact with a Member of Parliament.

The young Parliamentarians engaged in four very interesting and exciting debates and voted on these at the end of the day. Here are some of those outcomes of those debates:

  • The War on Plastics – 97% voted that the war hadn’t yet been won and that there was a lot more to be done. Ideas included:
    • bottle refilling points
    • limitations on bottle usage
    • plastic free areas
  • Artificial Intelligence - 65% voted that we should stop developing Artificial Intelligence now before it becomes out of control. There were fears that robots could replace humans.
  • Social Media – 70% voted that there should be more regulation around social media. Some positive aspects were discussed, however many negative aspects were also discussed and it was agreed that there should be more of an international approach to regulating social media.
  • Lowering the voting age – 58% voted in favour of lowering the voting age to 16. The debate covered issues such as allowing voting at a local but not national level and the influence of parents in voting.

Students also put forward topics that they would like to debate in future events including LGBTQ, stereotypes in society, mental health awareness, homelessness, immigration, EU referendum and racism towards the younger generation.

CCCU were delighted to award prizes for Best Speakers in a Debate to:

  • Chloe Wilson (Brockhill Performing Arts College)
  • Hassana Kanfe and Anya Krasnichi (Astor College)
  • Conner Kennedy (The Malling School)

Prizes for Best Speakers from the Open Floor went to:

  • Hannah George (Canterbury Academy)
  • Iddy Champy (Archbishop’s School)
  • Zac Sweet (Hartsdown Academy)
  • Leigh Fraser (The Malling School).

Best School Group of Speakers went to Astor College.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and we look forward to sharing details of the 2019 Youth Parliament, hosted again by Canterbury Christ Church University.


Rosie Duffield MP at Canterbury Youth Parliament 2018
Rosie Duffield MP at Canterbury Youth Parliament 2018

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