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29% Increase In KMPF Activities Last Year

Did you know that last year KMPF worked with more than 33,000 students over 679 events?

Baselines have been completed from all year groups, with students from years 7 to 13 attending activities, meaning students have been able to explore their progression options even at the earliest stages of their school lives.

Between KMPF’s university partners hundreds of activities have been run across a range of topics and formats, from a UN model conference, to photography workshops, to a policing conference, giving KMPF learners the opportunity to experience what HE has to offer.

KMPF schools can request funds to cover transport to these activities, and over the year 65 trips have been funded, ensuring learners are able to access these events regardless of cost.

Take a look at our Outreach Delivery leaflet below for a summary view of the work undertaken in 2016/17.

KMPF schools will also be receiving a personalised version detailing more about the students we have worked with in their schools.

As KaMCOP is still in its first year, reports for 2017-18 will become available for KaMCOP schools in late Autumn 2018.

KMPF Outreach Delivery 2016/17 Leaflet

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Rebecca Houlding on rebecca.houlding@kmpf.org

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63,700 young people in Kent and Medway have taken part in outreach activities through KMPF since 2011

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