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Outreach Activities

Higher education outreach aims to raise awareness of HE among young people, while supporting their aspirations and attainment.

Each of our delivery partners offer a unique and exciting programme of free activities and events that your school or college can benefit from, including campus visit days, subject-taster sessions, personal statement workshops and residential summer schools.

Our delivery partners provide an offer of activities that support young people as they consider progression routes into HE, from Key Stage 3 onwards. Within our university partners, Outreach Teams also engage with the individual needs of schools and colleges and are often able to design bespoke activities in order to meet their specific requirements.

A list of searchable activities can be found using our Activity Portal (enter your school or college name to see the full list of available opportunities).

How can outreach make the most impact?

When tracking the destinations of our students, our research has shown that the following factors work best when increasing students’ likelihood of entering HE:

-      Taking part in outreach activities from Key Stage 3 onwards. This allows more time in which to build positive messages.

-      Visiting a university campus at least once.

-      Attending outreach activities that are relevant to students’ subject interests.

-      Taking part in more ‘intensive’ opportunities such as summer schools.

-      Taking part in multiple activities: students who take part in multiple outreach opportunities (4 or more) over the course of their secondary school years are more likely to progress than those who take part in fewer.

-      Being supported in school by a Progression Mentor: our evaluation shows that students who are mentored on issues related to HE by a member of staff, either on a one-to-one basis or in a group, are more likely to enter HE.

Our experience has evidenced that the best way to incorporate all of these factors is to plan a Progression Framework for your selected students: a plan which sets out learning aims appropriate to age, needs and interests and relevant activities in which you would like them to participate. If you would like assistance in planning a Progression Framework please contact the KMPF Team.

How to book activities:

Your school Progression Mentor should contact the relevant university Outreach Team who will be able to discuss the most appropriate activities and delivery methods for your students. You can find contact details for Outreach Teams on our University pages.


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