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How do I apply for Transport Funding?

Before submitting an application please remember that although KMPF recognise that some trips may include non-KMPF cohort students, only those where at least two-thirds of participants are from the KMPF cohort will be reimbursed in full.

Which students are included in the KMPF cohort?

  • Those living in a neighbourhood with low progression rates to HE
  • Those living in an area with three or four indicators of deprivation (out of four indicators)
  • Students experiencing additional barriers to HE progression, such as being in care, disabled or a young carer
  • Students with no parental background in higher education (first generation HE)

Where less than two-thirds of students are from the KMPF cohort, only the percentage of students who are from the KMPF cohort will be funded e.g. 30% of students from the KMPF cohort will result in 30% of costs being covered.

Requesting funds

Funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and we encourage schools to apply as early as possible. 

  1. Progression Mentors in Federation member schools will decide which campus based events they would like their target cohort of students to attend during the academic year. They will then liaise with the University provider to check that their students are able to attend
  2. Progression Mentors will submit completed baseline questionnaires before making a request to ensure that two-thirds of students are from the KMPF cohort (although these can be submitted up to one week before the trip takes place, if two-thirds of attendees are not from the KMPF cohort, only a proportion of funding will be provided)
  3. Progression Mentors will complete either the online transport budget request form (below) or email a completed form to as soon as possible and no later than one week before the planned event
  4. KMPF will consider each request based on how many requests have been received from each school and how much funding is available for the remainder of the academic year

Completing the online transport request form

Schools who use their own minibus are entitled to claim 45p per mile. KMPF check all mileage using the RAC tool to track mileage and suggest you also calculate your mileage based on this tool at:

Other expenses that are essential for the trip to take place will be considered, please include these in the online submission or completed form.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in requesting funding for a trip for your school email the KMPF Support Team on or call 01227 782565.

The payment process

  • Once the requested expenditure has been approved by the KMPF Support Team, an acknowledgement email will be sent to the Progression Mentor, confirming receipt of the request and confirmation of the agreed amount of reimbursement (based on at least two-thirds of attendees being from the KMPF cohort)
  • The school will organise and pay for the transport.
  • Completed baseline questionnaires for each student participating in the event are required to be submitted to KMPF at least one week before the trip takes place.
  • Progression Mentors can submit the planned list of students taking part in the event to check what percentage are from the KMPF cohort, and KMPF will then confirm the percentage of payment to be made.
  • After the event has taken place, KMPF will access the event register on the HEAT database and confirm which students attended.
  • KMPF will then confirm with the Progression Mentor the percentage of students from the KMPF cohort and confirm the amount to be paid.
  • KMPF will provide a purchase order number for inclusion on the invoice from the school.
  • The school will then invoice KMPF for reimbursement of the transport costs. Invoices must include a purchase order number.
  • To ensure payment, the address on the invoice should be: Canterbury Christ Church University, Accounts Payable, Rochester House, St. George’s Place, Canterbury, CT1 1UT
  • Invoices must include the date and description of the trip and should include the description: “Transport costs only to a KMPF activity”. Invoices from the coach/minibus company or public transport receipts must also be attached.
  • Scan and email all invoices to or post these to: Kent and Medway Progression Federation, Hall Place, Harbledown, Canterbury, CT2 9AG
  • All invoices must be submitted in the academic term that the trip took place, or funds will not be re-imbursed:

    • Autumn term: 20 December 2017
    • Spring term: 29 March 2018
    • Summer term: 24 July 2018

School Transport Request Form

Event details

Year groups included
How did you hear about this event? Please select all that apply

Before submitting a claim for transport costs, I confirm that I have taken the following steps:

View our baseline forms


KMPF School Transport Request Form

What happens next?

After submitting the above form an email will be sent to the Progression Mentor in your school confirming the submitted request and KMPF will receive the request.

Within 10 working days you will receive either confirmation of KMPF being able to fund your school transport or a request for further information.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in requesting funding for a trip for your school, please email the KMPF Support Team on or call 01227 782565.


KMPF Transport Policy 2017-18

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