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Covid-19 Update


Due to the current uncertainty caused by Covid-19, KMPF partners have continued to review the position with regard to delivery of outreach activities to schools and colleges. We have received a considerable number of cancellations from schools who are understandably restricting external visitors and activities at the moment, and many of our delivery partners are also implementing measures to restrict movement around the county and adopt home-working policies wherever possible.

At this stage we wanted to provide a clear, collective message to schools and colleges and so we have agreed that all KMPF activities, including KaMCOP activities, will be suspended from next Monday (23rd March). We will review the situation again around the 16th April, at the end of the Easter holidays, and will be in touch after that stage to confirm the position for the Summer term. If you have activities scheduled to take place this week, we would recommend that you contact the relevant delivery partner to confirm the position.

The KMPF Support Team will continue to be available throughout this period with staff working from home. All office phone numbers will be diverted to mobiles and we will continue to monitor emails, so please do continue to contact us with any queries, or if you need any further support.

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