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2019-20 KMPF Cohort Update

In 2018-19, KMPF expanded the definition of the KMPF cohort to include the newly released POLAR4 data, which is a measure of progression rates to higher education by postcode. In 2018-19 we included both POLAR3 and POLAR4 data to select students who were part of the KMPF cohort and would benefit from taking part in outreach activities.

In 2019-20 we are moving to only POLAR4 data. This means that some students who were previously included in the KMPF Cohort, may not be included from this point going forwards, as a result of this updated measure.

To confirm, the KMPF cohort are those who would benefit most from outreach activities and where transport funding is provided by KMPF, at least two thirds of participants are required to be from the KMPF cohort.

The KMPF Cohort includes students who meet any one (or more) of the below criteria:

  • Students with no parental experience of higher education (first generation higher education)
  • Students who have self-declared a disability on a /404KMPF baseline
  • Students who live in postcodes with a low progression rate to higher education (based on postcode using POLAR4)
  • Students who live in area with 3/4 or 4/4 indicators of deprivation (based on postcode using POLAR4)

In order to help schools select the students who will most benefit from outreach activities in 2019-20, KMPF's new Data Processing and Reporting Officer /404Charlie Williams, will be sending schools a list of all students that have completed a KMPF baseline.

KMPF would also like to remind all schools that KMPF can collect KMPF baselines digitally through an online survey. Schools that utilised this last year, will receive a new link for 2019-20 and if you would like to use this feature please let us know.

We will continue to offer /404paper baseline forms and if you would like us to send you pre-printed baselines for collecting Year 7 and Year 12 responses this year (or for any years you haven't yet baselined), please also let us know and we can arrange for these to be delivered to you. 

Please note that only schools that are eligible to take part in KMPF activities are required to baseline all students. If your school is only eligible for KaMCOP activities, students can be selected by postcode and will then be asked to complete a baseline at the KaMCOP activity. Find out more about the KaMCOP Cohort here. 

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Over 70% of the young people who participated in KMPF activities had no prior experience of university in their family

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