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Degree in a Day - Options after GCSEs

  • Bespoke event upon request - due the pandemic this event will be delivered virtually
  • Hosted by Canterbury Christ Church UniversityDelivered at: Canterbury campus, Medway campus

Combines cross-curricular learning, with an insight into student life- focussing entirely on the academic side of an undergraduate degree. This workshop is structured to show students the different ways that you are able to learn during your degree. Students will have a brief lecture, a seminar, and a research focussed library session which will culminate in an assessment-type presentation.

Students will have a lecture explaining the options open to them after year 11. This covers 6th form, college, Apprenticeships and work, discussing the good and bad points of each. In addition the educational options are also presented covering A Levels, BTECs, T Levels and the IBCP. Students also take part in research to understand how their post 16 choices affect their future. The event culminates in them making a 'reverse' CV to show the path they could take depending on the options they choose.

This event takes 4 hours and delivery will be decided by the school staff. The lecture can take place live or a recorded session can be sent to the school. The following sessions can take place 


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Degree in a Day - Options after GCSEs

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