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EKC Group provides KaMCOP outreach activities to partner schools and colleges.

Over the last few years, under the leadership of Principal, Graham Razey, the College has implemented significant changes and a new curriculum which is relevant to East Kent’s skills and training needs.

EKC Group
EKC Group

The focus on priority growth industries has been highly successful in attracting major government funding for new campus developments and the College now has some of the best facilities in Kent.

EKC Group has a shared set of values:

  • Creativity: continuous enhancement through innovation
  • Ambition: inspiring and empowering all to achieve their potential
  • Respect: a welcoming culture that celebrates diversity
  • Excellence: professionalism that places students at the heart
  • Enterprise: a drive and determination to turn ideas into reality
  • Responsibility: to each other and the communities they serve


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“Participating students gain a valuable insight into HE to make an informed decision when leaving school and thinking about future career prospects.”

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